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The Autism Ambassadors of Ghana begin new autism project

The AUTISM AMBASSADORS OF GHANA an organization that brings together various individuals, students and volunteers to promote Autism awareness and also help to improve lives of children living with Autism, begins the new phase of their Autism Awareness Projects.

Individuals present included volunteers from the Autism Ambassadors of Ghana, volunteers from Curious-Minds Ghana, caregivers and parents from the Autism Awareness Care and Training Center, Awaawaa2, Hope-setters Autism Center, Multi-kids International, Echoing Hills, Autism Action Ghana, Karisa Foundation, Frame 14 and other people from the society.

Currently in Ghana, children with Autism in the most communities are neglected. This is due to lack of awareness on Autism for the society to understand the need to accept children living with Autism, inadequate Autism-Support centers in the country, inadequate Special-Needs professionals to assist children living with Autism and  no information channels for parents and the society to get information or assistance on Autism. Consequences of these problems on children with Autism includes, less opportunity for the kids to function in social activities, potentials and abilities of the children are not well improved and poor health care assistance for children living with Autism.

The AUTISM AMBASSADORS OF GHANA will be working in partnership with TIGO GHANA and REACH FOR CHANGE INTERNATIONAL. The aim of these projects is to promote a high level of Autism awareness and also help to improve lives of children living with Autism in Ghana.


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