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World Autism Awareness Day 2nd April 2016


  • Start Date:2016-03-01
  • End Date:2016-03-02
  • Start Time:08:00
  • End Time:18:00
  • Location:Efua-Sutherland Childrens Park ,Accra Ghana


  • Organized by:Autism Ambassadors of Ghana
  • Mobile:+233-27-771-0058
  • Email:autismambassadors.gh@gmail.com
  • Website:http://autismambassadors.org.gh/
  • Address:P. O Box An 18295, Accra-North

The United Nations General Assembly, on the December 18, 2007, adopted resolution 62/139 declaring April 2 every year as World Autism Awareness Day (WAAD). This aim is to encourage member countries to raise awareness about Autism and seek early diagnosis and intervention. The Autism Ambassadors of Ghana has then observed 2nd April as the World Autism Awareness Day and the entire month of April as the World Autism Awareness month, as observed globally.

This year, the theme for the month long celebration in Ghana is: Celebrating neurodiversity, which is aimed at recognizing and respecting persons living with Autism as any other human variation and celebrating the various abilities of persons living with Autism.