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  • info@autismambassadors.org.gh / autismambassadors.gh@gmail.com

Autism Aid App



The AUTISM AID APP is first app for Autism in Ghana. It is an android application developed to

support children living with Autism and also promote Autism awareness. It has three main

features which includes;

1) Picture Exchange Communication System that helps children living with Autism to

improve on their communication skills.

2) SMS Helpline feature that connects the parents and guardians of the children to

professionals who provide them with adequate information on caring for their ward.

3) An Autism awareness platform which provides information on Autism to the society.

It was developed by the 2014 Tigo Digital Changemakers, Alice Mamaga Akosua Amoako and

Solomon Avemegah. These two digital social entrepreneurs are volunteers of the Autism

Ambassadors of Ghana.

How to use it

After downloading the AUTISM AID APP at the Google Play Store and installing it successful;

1) Click on the KIDS WORLD button to use the Picture Exchange Communication System.

2) Click and hold the HELP button to use the SMS Helpline Feature to request for


3) Click on the INFORMATION button to read more on Autism.